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You gotta feel for huskies living in tropic zones.

You gotta feel for huskies living in tropic zones.

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The best dad joke in film history. [via]

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Lmao goals.

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18,000 feet


18,000 feet


Gas Pumps


Gas Pumps

oscar worthy

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Mrs. Finch is 200% done

we are going home today

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Why True Detective is an amazing horror // Its connections to classic horror literature



True Detective is, in my opinion, the best show that I’ve seen on TV so far.

It has great characterization and dialogue, an incredibly well-woven plot — both structurally and thematically, fantastic acting; especially owing to our two mains and superb directing.
All those elements coalesced perfectly to form the show that we have the pleasure of enjoying today.

However, if you were to ask me what was the element of True Detective that gripped me the most, the one that acted as the fastening, the glue, the backbone that united all the above elements together, I would have to tell you that it would be this; the fact that it was focused on being a great horror story.

Although a procedural crime drama at first glance, True Detective is, truthfully, a horror at heart. Let’s dive right in this editorial to explain why that is.

And yes, there will be heavy spoilers, so watch the show first.

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